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Fiat Custom Design Framing continues to collect and sell a unique range of art for commercial and personal collections. Our fine art consultants have many years of experience working with personal collectors who want to invest or simply purchase a unique piece in order to transform an office space into a showroom or add another layer of design to a living room. Call us today for a free consultation about how we can help you find that special work that makes any room or office into a showcase.

Fiat Framing employs several artists that can create original custom-made oil paintings and portraits for you.


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Our expert designers and frame builders can create a custom frame for mirrors of all shapes and sizes, from small and full-length bathroom sizes to even full wall-sized mirrors. We’ll work with you to make sure that your frame satisfies your particular design, and we’ll install it with the most careful attention to detail, safety and planning for its long-term use. Come in today and see what Fiat Custom Design Framing can do to make your mirror a special part of your room!

How large or customized can mirrors be? Nothing says opulence and style like a custom mirror. Custom designed mirrors can enhance any living space, and are often seen as important as a decorative piece of art. They can be small to fit a special space or large to add grandeur and spaciousness. In either case, they can add an extra dimension of design and style to any room. We assemble all mirrors at our work gallery by hand in Florida. So they’ll be made to fit exact specifications. We also have a wide array of handcrafted mirror frames from which to choose.


These are just some ideas for mirrors:

  • Custom cut mirrors
  • Wall mirrors
  • Beveled Mirrors
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Dressing mirrors
  • Oval wall mirrors
  • Exotic Italian framed mirrors

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Custom and Decorative Frames


Fiat Custom Design Framing offers a wide selection of custom frames so that you’ll have a wide selection of framing styles for your prized artwork. Our expert team of designers and framers has over 50 years of combined experience and are highly knowledgeable about design and materials. We’ll work with you closely to show how the frame and its colors and materials interact with its environment. We’ll help you chose a design that complements your personal or office space. Besides matching the design of the frame with the work, our staff will mount and finish the project on schedule, all within every framing budget.


What style frames are available?

It’s important to see a wide range of styles. Make it personal. We have hundreds of moulding and matting styles to choose from, made from the highest quality materials. We closely work with our clients to be sure that custom-framed posters, photographs or paintings reflect the owners as much as the work. Our acid-free mat specialties include fabric mats, colored bevels, oval and circular mats.

Do you need to restore a frame or artwork?

We also repair damaged or timeworn frames, oil paintings and photographs. Our gallery framers will preserve and renovate older frames so that you can continue to enjoy a classic decorative work, or if you simply need to replace the glass, we’ll customize a high-quality UV glass that’ll protect your artwork for years to come.

Museum-Quality Framing

Our expert designers and frame-builders have years of experience working with clients and framing rare art for collectors and public exhibitions. We will customize a frame for your special work of art. We use the latest protective methods that will keep your art from decline with specialized glass that keeps out 99% of UV rays and using 100% acid-free framing material. At Fiat Custom Design Framing, we’ll custom-tailor a frame that fits your unique work and mount it in a timely manner.


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Custom Shadow and Plexiglas® Boxes


Turn a bland wall into a grand hall by encasing those distinct memories—such as a winning jersey or ball caught at the game—in a custom glass box. These items can be memorialized in what is called a shadow box. Shadow boxes are made in the tradition of custom-framing pieces of history or memorabilia such as collectible baseball cards, sports awards and military medals, or a college football. These boxes are customized to fit most objects—be it a baseball mitt, bat, or glove. And with specialized glass to keep the UV rays out, you’ll preserve personal and family history for generations to come. Call today to discuss your next shadow box needs. Why not preserve a piece of your history and let others share your unique story by keeping memories protected and exhibited behind a custom display?


How about a Plexiglas® box?

Plexiglass Box

Plexiglas® boxes offer a unique way to display a variety of objects—a football, model boat, or your grandfather’s model boat or even grandmother’s childhood doll—because they can be customized for different sizes and shapes that add a whole new effect to the object and the room it’s in. You’ll be able to see all around what is encased, and this effect also adds a museum-quality presentation to the exhibit. Think of showcasing your game-winning ball or special object within a transparent encasement so that it will last for generations.


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